Our Story

In the charming, leafy haven of Chembur, Gerard Opticians first opened its doors in 1960, thanks to the vision of Mr. Leo Lobo. Surrounded by sprawling fields, enchanting orchards, and the regal BARC mountains, Chembur was a place of tranquillity and beauty. Mr. Lobo’s warm, charismatic presence quickly won the hearts of the community, as he made it a priority to know each customer by name and understand their unique stories.

As time passed, Gerard Opticians blossomed into a symbol of innovation and excellence. Embracing his father’s legacy, Gerard Lobo pursued optometry at University College London (UCL) and returned home to carry the torch forward.

Throughout the years, Gerard Opticians has been synonymous with firsts. In 1980, Gerard Lobo established Chembur’s first contact lens clinic, offering hard contact lenses that soon captivated the attention of Bollywood’s rising stars frequenting R.K. Studios.

Upholding the spirit of innovation, Gerard was the first optician to  introduce computerised eye testing to Chembur way back in 1990. As renowned brands like Ray Ban and Bausch & Lomb made their foray into the Indian market in 1993, Gerard Opticians was among the elite stores in Mumbai chosen to dispense their coveted products.

Over the decades, Gerard Opticians has broadened its offerings, providing a diverse clientele with everything from budget spectacles to luxurious frames, sunglasses, and a vast selection of contact lens brands. Today, the brand stands as a beacon of accuracy and professional eye care, revered for meticulous eye testing and expertise in spectacle lens dispensing. As a certified partner of industry leaders Essilor and Zeiss, the store remains dedicated to delivering exceptional quality at reasonable prices, along with special discounts for students and senior citizens.

With more than six decades of service, Gerard Opticians continues to embark on a journey of reinvention, modernising its offerings and refining the customer experience, all while cherishing the cherished legacy and values that have made it a beloved institution in Chembur and beyond.

As you walk through our doors, we invite you to embrace the nostalgia, feel the warmth of our history, and become a part of the Gerard Opticians family—where every customer is valued, and every story is treasured.

Mr. Leo Lobo

Founder, Gerard Opticians

Mr. Gerard Lobo

CEO, Gerard Opticians

The Gerard Opticians Family

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