Eye Lab

At Gerard Opticians, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art eye care solutions backed by a legacy of over 60 years. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond providing exceptional eyewear; we also invest in the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure the most accurate assessments and personalised solutions for our customers. Discover the cutting-edge technology we utilise at our optical store.


At Gerard Opticians, we employ the latest autorefractor technology to efficiently measure your eyes’ refractive power. This automated, non-invasive process provides a reliable starting point for your prescription, streamlining the eye examination process and enhancing accuracy.


Our advanced autolensometer technology allows us to quickly and accurately measure your current glasses’ specifications. This user-friendly, automated device makes it simple to find out your eyeglass prescription, ensuring a smooth transition to updated lenses while keeping your vision clear.


Our advanced phoropter ensures a precise and comfortable refraction experience. This essential tool allows our optometrists to determine the most accurate prescription for your vision needs by testing various lens combinations, so you can enjoy crystal-clear vision.


Our skilled optometrists use the retinoscope to expertly evaluate your eye’s refractive errors. This invaluable device helps us identify the presence of myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, ensuring that your prescription glasses or contact lenses are tailored to your unique vision requirements.


Our modern slit lamp provides a close-up, detailed view of your eye’s inner and outer structures. This vital diagnostic tool helps our expert optometrists spot and evaluate various eye issues, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal problems, guaranteeing top-notch eye care and customized treatment strategies.

Snellen Chart:

As a standard in vision testing, our Snellen Chart is a crucial tool for assessing visual acuity. It enables our optometrists to evaluate the sharpness of your vision at various distances, helping us determine the appropriate corrective measures for your eyes.


At Gerard Opticians, we use the latest tenometer technology to precisely gauge muscle tension and eye movement. This essential diagnostic tool assists our optometrists in identifying and managing eye alignment disorders like strabismus and amblyopia.

Zeiss i.Terminal:

With the help of ZEISS i.Terminal, we offer an advanced, accurate and seamless lens fitting experience. This German-developed technology has been designed to capture and calculate individual parameters with the click of a button and a high level of precision, ensuring you the highest quality vision with every new pair of glasses.

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